What Species of flowers do primates eat? Particularly gorillas.I need to know species, common names, scientific names and whether they can be found or grown in Australia.

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gorillas are the animals having lashy muscles and also they cannot climb to much heights even categorised as a primate, it can be because of their huge size. .they have adapted. .they spends most of their life on grounds > which means that they must have to eat vegetation at lower cases which are supposed to be hard > so, as a adaptation they have developed strong teeths as to chew those vegetation well in a manner they could digest > hence,,,,,, asked by you they must eats flowers grown on shrubs which can be soft, tender, hard etc • they also eats roots , barks which are found in lower cases. ♦ if the climatic conditions at australia suited those plants they can be obviously grown their♦☻☻☻so.they could eat almost 90% of plants speices because of their digestive tract☻☻☻therefore, no tension about gorillas diet...

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