What special treatment does MeiMei receive in her home in the story "Rules Of the Game?"

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This is a great question. As Waverly became better in chess, she had more privileges at home. At first, she did not have to do the dishes.  Her brothers, Winston and Vincent were annoyed at this point, because they had to do her chores.  Later on, when she was becoming even better, she had more privileges.

At one point, she complained that her bedroom was so noisy that she could not think.  So, her mother moved her brother out into the living room.  Her mother was trying to help Waverly in every way.  After this Waverly complained that she could not work on chess with a full stomach.  Her mother allowed her to leave her plate with uneaten food. Here is what the text says:

My parents made many concessions to allow me to practice. One time I complained that the bedroom I shared was so noisy that I couldn't think. Thereafter, my brothers slept in a bed in the living room facing the street. I said I couldn't finish my rice; my head didn't work right when my stomach was too full. I left the table with half-finished bowls and nobody complained.

From these points, we can see that Waverly's mother tried to help her succeed in chess.  

The only thing that Waverly could not get out of was going with her mother to the market.  This was a source of pride for Waverly's mother. 



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