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Not of woman born but rather having sprung from the head of Zeus (what a headache!), Athena was attributed the title of "goddess of wisdom and craftsmanship." Prankish and tomboyish by nature, she grew up excelling in 1)military arts, including warfare strategy. Ironically, she was also known for her skills as 2)a negotiator and was often called upon for help in diplomacy. She also was 3)gifted in diverse manual arts. 4) Having brought forth an olive branch from a rock, Athena is also considered the "goddess of 4) cultivation."

It was not until Arachne challenged her skills in weaving that Athena lost her even temper and let her pride get the best of her. This led to the contest between Arachne and Athena in which each was to outdo the other by depicting a scene of the gods. Although Athena's tapestry was sublime, Arachne portrayed the gods in a comical way and her work was evidently superior. Arachne paid dearly for her audacious parody; Athena was declared the winner instead.

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