The Man to Send Rain Clouds

by Leslie Marmon Silko

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What special power did Leon and Ken think the grandfather might have in "The Man to Send Rain Clouds"?

Expert Answers

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They believe that Teofilo might be able to send rain.

After they find his body, they ask for him to send them rain clouds. Then they prepare and wrap him. Later, however, they decide to ask the priest to give the dead man holy water to make sure that he isn't thirsty. They think that if he has enough water, then he'll be more likely to send them rain clouds.

Father Paul approaches the grave and twists the top from the top of the holy water. He sprinkles the entire container into the grave where Teofilo's body is resting, wrapped in the red blanket. The water soaks into the blanket and creates icy spots. It also soaks into the sand around the grave and it disappears almost as soon as it touches it.

Leon thinks that he's happy about the water because now Teofilo will definitely be able to send them big thunder clouds.

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