What special/important event happened on March 9,1862 with famous person Frederick Douglass?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Have to admit I had to pull out my Frederick Douglass biography on this one.  Please check the date for accuracy, as the only reference I can find to Douglass near that time period is for March 15, 1862, when he was giving a speech in Portsmouth, New Hampshire about abolition.

Douglass frequently went on these tours to spread the word about abolition, and to spread his newspaper, The North Star.  Such speaking tours helped to recruit for the cause, raised money to maintain the Underground Railroad and other abolitionist efforts, and to outfit black soldiers for the Civil War.

The only Civil War reference for this date is the Battle of Hampton Roads between ironclad ships Monitor and Merrimac.  Soon after, in April, Lincoln outlawed slavery in Washington DC, but I show Douglass as not meeting with Lincoln until 1863 where he argued the use of black troops in combat.

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