What effects are used in Little Miss Sunshine to enhance the theme of love?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that there are several technical elements that help to enhance the theme of love that is present in the film.  The soundtrack is one such element.  The music of Devotchka as being background for the family's travels and trials is significant.  The musical score is offbeat and quirky, similar to the family themselves.  It uses bass instruments such as a tuba and trombone in an effective manner.  While the music might have dissonant chords, it is overall very positive and contains an element of major sounding harmonies to underscore its message.  For example, the closing song to the film, "Until the End of Time," helps to bring out the message of love in a manner that enhances the overall feel of the film.  The background music compositions help to bring out the theme of love in the midst of challenge, similar to the overall message of the film, in general.  The fact that Devotchka's music is experienced throughout the film indicates that the filmmakers had a deliberate intent in trying to link the music to the overall message or theme of the film.  In this, one can see how a technical effect of the film serves its overall message or intent.