What are the special challenges that an indian english writer faces?What are the special challenges that an indian english writer faces?

kc4u | Student

All the challenges of an Indian English writer are embedded in his or her essential post-colonial identity. He/she is an Indian, belonging to the Indian social-political panorama having all the local/regional complexities and variations, having opted for no regional language, but for a language which is as much international as it is Indian. His/her basic challenge is to reconcile in a creative way the Indianness and the Englishness, searching for adequate exploration and possible resolution of the paradox of simultaneous double identity. An Indian English writer must sufficiently deal with the post-colonial socio-cultural hybridity in terms of thematic as well as stylistic parameters. Challenges may assume different dimensions if the Indian English writer lives abroad and writes about India and her people as an NRI, or he/she may be an NRI writing about other NRIs. Indian diaspora poses very different demands of observation and representation for such writers. R.K.Narayan, Kamala Das, Amitav Ghosh, Jhumpa Lahiri, Arundhati Roy are never a very homogeneous set of Indian English writers. Globalisation has made writing in English an internationally marketable product with a wide expansion of readership. An Indian English writer has to be a genuine Indian, living in India or abroad, and also a citizen of the whole world.Thus, handling of post-coloniality/ diaspora, writer's paradoxical double identity, global marketability etc are some of the major challenges to address.