What is the speaker's relationship with God? 10 pm

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The speaker, Mary, in “Half Hanged Mary,” is questioning God in the 10PM stanza of the poem. She talks to him sarcastically when she mentions that she has some time to kill from her daily chores suggesting this might be a good time for them to discuss the concept of free will. Her free will has been thwarted by those who chose to hang her. In her one sided conversation, she wonders if it is God’s will that she be hanged and why. Is it her fault or His that she is dangling from the tree?

She is trying to comprehend by questioning God, why she was chosen to be hanged. She says that she is hurting; is that how she obtains Grace? As she hangs there, Faith, Hope, and Charity are just fleeting thoughts therefore her relationship with God is one of sarcasm and incomprehension.

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