What is the speaker talking about in "Snowdrops"?

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The speaker describes her earlier condition impressionistically rather than graphically. Thus winter

“should have meaning for you”

(the listener or the reader) who, we may presume, can understand or may even have experienced cold feelings of despair. Considering existence from the standpoint of the personified snowdrop plant, we are hearing the agonized speech of a person who has likened her existence to snow: Life is brief like snow, and therefore the speaker

“did not expect to survive, … to waken again.”

Because the snowdrop has been allowed to live again, she states that she has resolved to face life, even though she is still “afraid.” It might be interesting to think about the issue of why she is afraid. Is she afraid because she does not know the future beyond the next cycle? Or is she afraid more of living than of dying?

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