What is the speaker talking about in #14, "If Thou Must Love Me, Let it Be for Nought"?

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The speaker is female, as is indicated in line 3. The poem itself may be considered as a part of a previous discussion in which her suitor has stated that he loves her for a variety of reasons, such as her smile, her appearance, her gentle speech, and her ability to set him at “pleasant ease” (line 6). The speaker refers mainly to kinetic images as possible causes for loving, such as her speech, her expressiveness, and her putting people at their ease. In addition the kinetic image of “wiping my cheeks dry” might also be a cause for loving inasmuch as the suitor might love her because at times he consoles her. The speaker indicates that none of these is an actual cause for being in love because they might all end, and as they end they might also end the suitor’s love.

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