What are the specific different qualities between Beka's mother in Beka Lamb and David's mother in The Chrysalids?  

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The main difference between Beka’s mother and David’s mother is that David’s mother defers to her husband and Beka’s mother seems to run the show.

David’s mother only cares about herself.  David notes that his father married a woman who was likely to support his beliefs.

My mother's views harmonized with his own. She had a strong sense of duty, and never doubted where it lay. (ch 2)

David’s mother does not protect him from his father’s cruel lessons.  She does not even accept her own sister when she comes asking for help since her baby was born with some kind of small defect.

Beka’s mother feels that her daughter is lazy and does not listen.  Beka knows that her mother will tell her father about her “insolence, her laziness, and her ingratitude” and the fact that she lied (p. 112).  Beka’s father defers to her mother, and punishes her.

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