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What were Sparta's cultural achievements and legacy?

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The cultural achievements of Sparta include a well-organized society, gender empowerment, and military prowess. Sparta was made up of three main communities: Spartans, Perioeci, and Helots. The Spartans held the administrative and military positions. The Helots were Greeks captured from other lands conquered by Sparta. They were used as slaves for menial jobs, such as cleaning, farming, and other house chores. The Perioeci were passers-by, mostly traders that visited Sparta to make money.

In all of Greece, Sparta was one of the few areas where women were given the freedom to go to school, own property, and engage in sports.

The government of Sparta paid for the Spartan's military training. It was compulsory for all able-bodied male children to begin military training when they were 7 years old. The training taught them to be patriotic, obedient, and learn to endure tough times. They would become secret police officers by 13, and then graduate to full-time soldiers by 20.

Sparta's legacy was that they had one of the strongest armies in the world at the time.

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Through the years, Hollywood has trumpeted the military acumen of the ancient Spartan people, but the city-state also enjoyed tremendous cultural advancement. The Spartans built a very well organized culture which combined elements of democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy. They were strong architects and builders as seen in their remarkable temples, government buildings, and monuments. While the Athenians are generally regarded as artists, the Spartans were known to be gifted in the musical arts including dancing. Their sculpting ability was the envy of the ancient world, particularly their work with bronze. The Spartans are also on the historical record as being respected poets and the oldest love poem in the world is believed to be one written by a Spartan. The Spartans also created a very unique social structure that granted women a great deal of responsibility and respect.


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