What are the sources of violence in Macbeth and how it was used in Macbeth?Give examples and quotes from the play to support your answers.

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smflannery eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many sources that caused the violence found throughout the play, Macbeth.  The first source is jealousy.  The three witches consistently leave their prophesies vague because they are very jealous of the “average” citizen.  The witches are outcasts in society even though they have the special gift of being able to see into the future.  For this social seclusion they reek havoc and cause mayhem whenever possible.  Another source is love.  Lady Macbeth does love her husband even though she has a funny way of showing it.  She is constantly pushing her husband to become better and gain more power.  A possible motivation for this could be the fact that she is trying to cover up her inability to perform the role of a women; to provide an heir.  It is through her inability to provided an heir for Macbeth that she becomes very cold and hardened.  It is not because she does not love her husband; it is because she cannot be weak like a typical woman if she is going to campaign for her husband’s run for the throne.  A last source of violence in the play is paranoia.  Macbeth becomes so paranoid when he becomes king that he tries to squash the opposition.  When Macduff is not present at Macbeth’s inauguration, Macbeth becomes afraid of Macduff and his intentions by his absence.  Macbeth orders the brutal murder of Macduff’s family.  The murder of one of Macduff’s family members would have sent the message but Macbeth wants Macduff’s entire bloodline eliminated.  This action symbolizes Macbeth’s determination to keep his new found power.  Throughout the play there were many different sources that caused the violence found within the storyline.