What are the sources of differences in ethics between people, companies, and nations?  

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This is a great question. Many things could be stated, but I would say that one of the greatest sources of differences among people, companies and nations is the level of responsibility. In other words, people have a certain level of responsibility, but companies have more.  For example, people have to worry about themselves and their immediate surroundings like close friends and families. When it comes to companies, there is much more at stake.

A company in a sense is responsible for the employees. And if the company is big, then there are many employees. Furthermore, the company may also have social and environmental responsibilities. 

When it comes to nations, the stakes are even higher. Countries have responsibilities over their citizens and even international considerations. 

In light of all of these points, one of the chief sources of differences comes from size and scope. I will add a few links that will shed further light on this important topic.


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