What are the sources of customer dissatisfaction?  

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many, many sources of customer dissatisfaction.  Some are common to all businesses while some are specific to various business types.  Perhaps the main sources of dissatisfaction that are common to all types of firms are:

  • Quality of product.  If a product does not meet the consumer's expectations, consumers are very likely to be dissatisfied.  This can be true of a customer whose new computer does not work right as well as of a customer who does not like their restaurant meal.
  • Speed of service as compared to expectations.  If customers have to wait longer than they think is reasonable, they will tend to be dissatisfied with the company.
  • Responsiveness of customer service.  Customers who try to get help or to register complaints tend to become dissatisfied if they feel the company does not respond to them in a way that shows caring.  They feel they are being "brushed off" and become very upset about that.

There are many other causes of customer dissatisfaction, but these are three of the most important.

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