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Discuss the tributaries of the Ganges River.

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From a geographical point of view, the tributaries of the Ganges River only helps to enhance the idea of the river's strength.  The feeding into the Bay of Bengal is not one entire convergence.  Rather, many tributaries all feed into a central location, almost seeming to geographically suggest that the power of the river is too strong for a centralized force.  The point of Sangam in Northwest India, where the Ganges meets with one of its most significant tributaries of the Yamuna River, and believed to be at one time the Saraswati River, is another significant tributary.  At the same time, another significant tributary is located in the far West in the form of the Brahmaputra River.  Additionally, the lifeline of the Ganges as it passes through the holy city of Varansasi features tributaries such as the Gomti and Kasi, helping to enhance both its geographic strength and a spiritual one, suggesting that the river's deified qualities enable it to pull from different arenas as its followers follow the river towards spiritual purity.  The Padma, Meghna, and Jamuna are Barak tributaries that feed into the Ganges, confirming its status as one of the most complex and powerful rivers from a tributary point of view.

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