What sound interrupts the banter in The Diary of Anne Frank?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The banter between Anne and Peter in Act 2, Scene 4 is interrupted by the sound of Gestapo sirens.

Anne and Peter are having a conversation of friendly banter but serious content when they are interrupted by Gestapo sirens.

She breaks off as she hears the sound of a car, its brakes squealing as it comes to a sudden stop. The people in the other rooms also become aware of the sound. They listen tensely. Another car roars up to a screeching stop. 

This is the end of the family’s hiding in the play.  The Gestapo comes to get them, and they are taken to various camps.  At this point, some of them live and some of them die.  Of the Frank family, only Otto Frank, Annes's father, remains.  He returns to the hiding place after the war.

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