What sound device does line 1 listed below use, and what figure of speech is employed in line 2.1.stricken to stone by day 2.of jungled city streets

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In line 1, I believe you have a little bit of alliteration which is the repetition of initial consonant sounds. I see this in the s and t's.

In the second line, I believe the figure of speech that you are seeing used is an oxymoron. An oxymoron uses opposing ideas together as a figure of speech. The jungle and city are a form of opposites because of their locations and purposes. The city is very civilized and industrialized, while the jungle is savage and wild. The adjective jungled is likely used to mean either wild or extremely busy... like jungle vegetation.

Other editors may see something I don't see, but these are the first concepts that jump out at me regarding these lines.

kc4u | Student

In stricken to stone(line1), there is an Alliteration because the friction consonant s has been repeated in the initial position of stricken & stone. You can also see the repetition of the plosive t in the medial position in those two words.

In my opinion, line 2 shows an example of the figure based on similarity--Metaphor. A similarity has been suggested between the jungle and the city streets, which are otherwise dissimilar. The city streets, overcrowded with people, and also full of tall, towering buildings, have been made analogous to the jungle thick with tall trees. If we think that an opposition between the solitariness of the jungle and the overcrowded condition of the city streetsĀ is intended, it may also be considered as a case of Oxymoron.