What is the solution to the problem in the story?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The problem (conflict) is that Kit needs to find and become part of her aunt's family. A young woman of her age cannot live on her own. When her grandfather died and owed debt, Kit was faced with having to marry an older man she did not love. She knew her mother had family in the colonies and sought them out. Through a difficult adjustment to life in a Puritan colony with a family that was not especially welcoming, Kit becomes involved in charges of witchcraft. She finally fits in with her aunt and uncle's family when she nurses her cousins through a dangerous illness. Uncle Matthew accepts and even cares for Kit as she manages to fit in with a very different lifestyle from the one she was raised in. During the witchcraft trial her new family is supportive. When she is cleared of the charges, Nat (the captain's son on the voyage from Barbados) indicates that he wants to marry Kit. She now has a loving family and a satisfying future ahead of her.

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