Considering Lady Capulet's character traits, if in modern day, what sort of clothes would she wear?  

Expert Answers
Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Shakespeare characterizes Lady Capulet as fancying herself as being very high-society.  Her sense of address and speech withinRomeo and Julietindicate that she is a noble woman, used to having her way.  In Act I, scene three, Lady Capulet reveals in her conversation with Juliet that she considers herself a "lady of esteem" (74).  She wishes for her daughter to make a prosperous alliance for the Capulet family, so the reader can conclude that she values wealth.

With all of these character traits in consideration, the reader can project that Lady Capulet would more than likely attire herself in fine, high-brow designer fashions.  She would not settle for anything less than shopping trips to Paris for personal fittings at Gucci and Dior.  She is a woman who wants to make a statement in life, whether its by her daughter's advantageous marriage, or by her own sense of fashion.