What sort of person does Chris McCandless appear to be based on the information in the text? Cite details from the text to support your answer

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Chris McCandless is a loner that lives by his own set of rules.  He feels that his business is his business.  He is not a fan of government that's for sure.  

“Hell, no,” Alex scoffed. “How I feed myself is none of the government’s business. Fuck their stupid rules.”

For further evidence you could use the part where Krakauer discovered that Chris usually filled in his tax information with a fake name and address.  

Chris is incredibly focused on himself and his goals.  That's not to say that he doesn't care for other people.  He does.  The text clearly indicates that Chris made some deep friendships throughout his two year wandering adventure.  The problem is that Chris only stayed around those people when it was good and convenient for Chris.  At one point, Westerberg asked Chris to stick around and help him with a harvest.  Westerberg was really short handed that year and really needed the help.  Chris didn't even consider it, because it would ruin his own plans.  

“I even offered to buy him a plane ticket to Fairbanks, which would have let him work an extra ten days and still get to Alaska by the end of April, but he said, ‘No, I want to hitch north. Flying would be cheating. It would wreck the whole trip.’”

On the whole, I feel that Chris is a very selfish person.  He cares for himself above all others.  As for his family values, I feel that Chris looked for ways to intentionally hurt his mom and dad through his lack of communication with them. 

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