A Cap for Steve Questions and Answers
by Morley Callaghan

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What sort of person is Dave Diamond in A Cap for Steve?

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Short tempered- Dave easily goes into fits of anger and at times, for no apparent reason. For instance, he was so infuriated by Steve’s reaction after the cap’s transaction that he chased after him all the way home with the intention of getting hold of him and pounding him.

Materialistic- He is too money minded to place any importance to his son’s passion for baseball. In fact, he considers the time invested by Steve to learn and play the game as time wasted that could have otherwise been spent generating extra income for the family. To add to that, he was blinded by money and misread Steve’s gesture during their negotiation with Mr. Hudson and thus accepted twenty dollars in exchange for Steve’s treasured cap.

Intolerant- He cannot stand Steve’s constant discussions about baseball and forbids him from speaking about the game while at home.

Compassionate- Upon realizing that he had hurt his son for accepting to exchange the cap for twenty dollars, Dave was deeply saddened. He apologized to Steve for his actions and in a turn of events, offered to be part of his son’s baseball fascination. He even suggested that the twenty dollars be used to buy Steve gear for the game.

Caring- He shows concern when Steve spots his cap and agrees to pursue the matter further with the boy's father. He even reimburses the two dollar price to the Hudsons in order for his son to repossess the cap.

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