What sort of legacy James I left for his son Charles I ?

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londonteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The main legacy James I left for his son Charles was an unshakable belief in absolute monarchy. James I was not a fan of Parliament and fervently believed his word as King should never be questioned. Whilst James was originally welcomed by Parliament after the tumultuous years of Elizabeth I, this relationship soon broke down when it became clear that James would not put up with challenges to his authority. James had more success in promoting harmonious relations abroad than he ever did at home.

The thorny issue of royal finances and whether these could be raised without Parliament's consent reemerged time and time again in theĀ parliaments that convened under James I. This was a key feature of Charles I's reign also. He also dismissed parliaments if they would not bend to his rule and did so three times in the years 1625-1629. The tension between Parliament and the King evident under James I grew under Charles I, leading directly to the Civil War of 1642-1651.

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