What sort of family (rank, level of power, wealth) did Saint Joan of Arc come from?

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Joan of Arc was born a peasant, or very poor.

Joan of Arc was not born to a wealthy family.  In fact, the circumstances of her birth were quite the opposite.  She was born to a very poor family.

Joan was born in the village of Domrémy-la-Pucelle, now the province of Lorraine, France, in January (probably January 6), 1412. She was the fourth child and only daughter of a peasant father, Jacques d’Arc, and a religious mother, Isabelle, called Romée.  (enotes)

Joan was illiterate, and grew up during a very violent time period.  Her family’s house was destroyed by a fire when she was sixteen.  She seems to have started having visions at a young age during the Hundred Year’s War, and this is what spurred her on to take action by joining the battle even though she had no experience in battle and no education.

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