What sort of family does the monster watch?

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On volume II, chapter 3 of the novel Frankenstein the creature watches a family of cottagers (the De Lacey family) from his hiding place. It was the first time he had experienced in full the daily routine of what he would deem as a "normal" family. 

The De Lacey family consisted on a young man, a young woman, and an old man. They were poor, and this is evident in that even the monster noticed the shabby clothes that the young woman was wearing. The monster also noticed that the cottage was very plain, and that there was an overall atmosphere of desolation. The De Laceys also lived in isolation. This is demonstrated by the fact that they grew their own food, lived far from the rest of the city, and do not appear to have any other contact than with each other.  

Yet, the De Lacey family was very united. They were supportive of each other and demonstrated a deep sense of love for one another. They spent almost their entire days together, played music, read to each other, and worked as a team. It was a close-knit family helping each other get through very harsh times. This is what instilled in the creature a sense of warmth that he wished he could have for himself.

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