What were the Sons and Daughters of Liberty?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Sons of Liberty and the Daughters of Liberty were two related groups of Americans in the time leading up to the American Revolution.  These were Americans from the patriot side who opposed the British.

The Sons of Liberty formed in response to the imposition of the Stamp Tax.  They were involved in various activities that were meant to oppose the tax and to push for its repeal.  These activities included violent activities like tar and feathering people and like the Boston Tea Party.  They also included nonviolent things like trying to coordinate anti-British activities in different towns and communities.

The Daughters of Liberty did most of their work with the nonimportation movement.  This was a movement to get colonists to refrain from buying any British goods as a way of punishing Britain for the Stamp Tax.  Both groups helped to resist the British government and to move the colonies towards rebellion.