Girl With a Pearl Earring

by Tracy Chevalier

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what songs would be good for a soundtrack of girl with a pearl earring????

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'Speed of Sound' by English band Coldplay might be a good song for the movie 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' because a) it was a very popular download and b) it has a very mysterious quality to it - some people have noticed a mystique about the film. Also, the song is based on miracles and has an eerie quality - the light in the deserted artist studio that the girl has to clean has that minimal quality also. It reminds us of a Vermeer painting - these often look enigmatic and the song has that unearthly quality too - 'if you could see it then you'd understand...' That last line would be so good for the idea of a hidden painting. The whole crescendo in the middle would be good for passion and confusion - and it's a lasting song that would haunt the memory, like a Vermeer painting.

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I love the story, just be aware that I am a Gen X, so my songs will most likely be 70/80's/90's

Self-Control -Laura Brannigan- It is what both characters tend to be feeling, as if they are about to lose it on each other.

Come as You Are- Nirvana- In the story he invites the girl in, asks her to take off her bonnet to see her real self, and sees beyond her social status.

Rat in a Cage- Smashing Pumpkins- Vermeer basically was just mentally and psychologically experimenting with the girl, as if she were some kind of pet.

D*mn, I wish I was Your Lover- by Sophie B.Hawkins- Vermeer obviously had a form of physical/sexual obsession with the girl.

Beautiful- James Blunt- Just because the girl is indeed very beautiful and for Vermeer to immortalize her in a painting must mean that she stood out of the crowds.

I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing- Aerosmith- You could say that Vermeer does this each time he puts his eyes on her and paints her so extremely accurate.

See Me, Feel Me- The Who-  It seems like that is what she is saying in the picture, with her eyes.

Who Are You- The Who- Because, in reality, that is the question everyone has been asking since the painting was exposed: Who is this girl? The book presents her as a maid, but, away from fiction, her reality is unknown.

No One Like You- Scorpions- Because her portrait is like no other, and especially like no other portrait as focused as this one came from Vermeer.

 Sound of Silence- Simon and Garfunkel- You can say that the picture of the girl is extremely quiet, and you can almost be right there with the painter and the model in the room, knowing that the entire time, he being so eccentric, he probably spent in absolute mute, exploring her face.

Lips of an Angel- Hinder- She has the most gorgeous lips and I think that is why Scarlett Johanssen played her part in the movie version of the story. I reckon it is arguable that this is important for the painter.

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