What songs will describe the Poet X?

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Here are three song titles that describe Xiomara, also known as the Poet X, and her life experiences.

Why Can't I? by Liz Phair: In this song, Liz Phair sings about the physical effects of feeling attracted to someone. Xiomara can relate to the descriptions of these effects, especially the...

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ones that involve the act of breathing, as she falls in love with Aman.

Crucify by Tori Amos: The religious imagery in this song calls to mind Xiomara's struggles with her faith and with her mother's devotion to the Catholic church. Tori Amos sings about 'never being good enough,' which is something that Xiomara feels whenever her mother criticizes her for growing up into a typical teenage girl.

Mother and Child Reunion by Paul Simon: This song works for the time when Xiomara and her mother embrace upon Xiomara's return to her apartment after their huge argument about Xiomara's leather journal; at this point in the novel, Xiomara and her mother reunite as a mother and child, and their relationship begins to improve.

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