What are some songs that relate to Mercutio in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

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Some of the contemporary songs that remind me most of Mercutio's wild, provocative spirit are Drake's "Energy" and "0 to 100." Both of these songs discuss violent conflict and pose the same sort of braggart's attitude that Mercutio over-confidently retains up until his death.

In "0 to 100," Drake raps that it's important to "know [what] you're worth" and that his "actions been louder than [his] words." In "Energy," Drakes states, "I got enemies, got a lot of enemies, got a lot of people 'tryna' drain me of this energy," while also claiming, "I hear fairy tales 'bout how they gon' run up on me; well, run up when you see me then and we gon' see." Both songs echo Mercutio's voluntary involvement in the conflict between the Montagues and Capulets and his belief that he could beat Tybalt in a duel. Although light-hearted around his friends, Mercutio can also be quite aggressive, and he fatally underestimates the threat that Tybalt poses, much like Drake in these songs. 

Just as a warning, please be aware that these songs are provocative and contain explicit content and language. There is a parental advisory for both, so please consult your parent or guardian before listening to them if you are under 18! 

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Mercutio is one of the most dynamic and compelling characters in all of Shakespeare's canon. He is impulsive, creative, mischevious, and often played as gender-bending. Coincidentally, if you're looking for songs that relate to Mercutio, you may want to find songs that sing of characters with similar qualities. Of all the artists to consider, David Bowie may be a good place to start. "Starman" is an obvious choice, because the Ziggy Stardust persona feels similar to the character of Mercutio. However, "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" is a trippy, dangerous Bowie song that might personify Mercutio's personality more closely. Essentially, you will want to look for singers and songwriters that make songs about eccentric, colorful, and creative men. Glam rock and punk might be helpful genres. 

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