What is something important Kit Tyler, Nat Eaton, John Holbrook, Goodwife Cruff, Goodman Cruff, and Prudence Cruff did in Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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After her grandfather dies and she is left with no one in her childhood home on Barbados, Kit Tyler journeys alone to Connecticut Colony in America in hopes that her Uncle Matthew Wood will take her in.

Nat Eaton helps Kit when she is accused of witchcraft, becomes captain of his own ship and returns to marry Kit at the story's conclusion.

John Holbrook is a serious theology scholar who studies under the famed Dr. Buckley, joins the militia, is captured by Indians, and survives to marry the crippled but loving and patient Mercy Wood.

A bitter, vindictive woman, Goodwife Cruff is the "driving force" behind the accusations of witchcraft against Kit Tyler.

The timid and hen-pecked, Goodman Cruff is an ineffective presence in the shadow of his wife's blatant overbearingness, but when his young daughter Prudence proves she can read and write, he steps forward and asserts himself with loving approval and withdraws his charge of witchcraft against Kit.

Considered by her mother to be a child who is "not very bright", Prudence Cruff is taught to read and write by Kit; Prudence demonstrates her abilities to the community at the trial in a brave act which results in Kit's release. 



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