What are some words associated with death in the first two paragraphs of "The Scarlet Ibis"?I really don't know, and I have a paper with a question like this due tomorrow. Any help would be amazing.

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missy575 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These bold-faced words are all directly from the text, the words behind them are an analysis of how or why they can be associated with death.

summer was dead - So summer was over, it had stopped or ceased.

bleeding tree (x2)- Often before death, people bleed. Watch throughout the story for references to RED!

rotting brown magnolia petals - When something is rotting it is in a state of decay. This is after death has occured.

five o'clocks by the chimney still marked time - Many references to time will occur in this story, but to associate time with death, I think you could take this from the perspective that every living thing will die and has a set TIME that they will endure life before that moment of death occurs.

graveyard flowers - Graveyards are places where dead people are buried, and flowers are used to celebrate their lives. In these lines, the flowers are still blooming and celebrating life.

names of our dead - We remember lives of those who have gone on before us.

die up in the leaves - Die is in this phrase.

grindstone (x2) - This is another allusion to time.


lucey82 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When examining the first sentence, you can see that death is mentioned right away: "Summer was dead..." However, in this case Hurst isn't referring to a person, but is instead personifying a season. Next, Hurst mentions how the ibis came to the "bleeding tree" which also indicates death.

In the next paragraph, the speaker is describing Doodle's infant body as "red and shriveled like an old man's," which also conveys death. Finally, the last sentence itself, "Everybody thought he was going to die," is the final example of how Hurst emphasizes death in the first two paragraphs.

emmajaybeliebs | Student

thank you so much! big help :)

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