What are some of Wollstonecraft's criticisms of women? How does she propose to improve the condition of women?

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I'm not sure if you mean direct criticisms of women of that time or criticisms of the status of women. I'll discuss both. Let's begin with the former:

  1. She calls out women who purposely hide behind irrationality and lack of education as an excuse to be silly and frivolous, calling them "spaniels" and "toys."
  2. She argues that women who let themselves get too emotional harm civilization as a whole by refusing rational thinking.
  3. She emphasizes that women who are obsessed with how their bodies look or with sexual pleasures are no better than slaves.
  4. In the same vein, she says accepting a state of ignorance and powerlessness makes them slaves.
  5. On the other hand, she accuses some women of using their cunning and deceit to manipulate the men around them.
  6. She also chastises readers (both male and female) who believe that if women are educated like men, they will become "masculine."

As for the status of women at the time, she writes on this extensively:

  1. She argues that women are expected to raise...

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