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What are some wicked deeds of the Canterville ghost?

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I hope that this is okay, but the most wicked deed of Sir Simon occurs before he ever became a ghost.  Three hundred years prior to the Otis family taking over the Canterville Chase, Sir Simon murdered his wife.  I would say that is quite wicked.  As punishment, his brothers-in-law starved Sir Simon to death.  Sir Simon has been haunting the Canterville Chase ever since. The story focuses a great deal on the deeds of the Otis family toward Sir Simon, but readers are told that Sir Simon's haunting has driven other owners out of the house.  Sir Simon has been able to do this because he can take on different scary forms.  For example, he has scared people as a black dog, a skeleton, and even a vampire monk. Intentionally driving people from their own home is fairly wicked too in my opinion.  

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