What are some ways in which the colonizers benefited from imperialism?  

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Colonizers benefited immensely from imperialism. In many circumstances, the colonies served as a source of raw materials to feed the growing industrial capacities of the home countries. Many European countries had already cut all of their old-growth forests by the Age of Exploration—the New World provided a nearly endless supply of these forests that could be used to build new ships for both war and commerce. The New World also provided new sources of farmland; much of this farmland was located in areas with warmer climates, thus giving the colonizing nations access to crops such as cotton, sugar, and tobacco. The New World also provided a new source of mineral wealth as well. Spain used South American silver to fund its wars on the Continent and the Mediterranean. As Britain colonized other areas around the world, it profited from gold rushes in Australia and diamond discoveries in Africa.

Colonization also provided a place to dump unwanted people. Britain used Australia as a penal...

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