What are some ways to remedy stress and burnout in an organization?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several different approaches through which stress and burnout can be remedied in an organization.  One elemental way is to simply talk about the issue.  In bringing its presence into the open with transparent dialogue, a contributing factor to stress and burnout may be removed.  Many highly driven and intense workers feel that they are doing something wrong if they feel stress and the onset of burnout, causing them to repress and work even more, accelerating the condition to an even higher degree.  When members within organizations talk about the issue in an open and effective manner, a path to alleviate it is developed:

It requires discussing the risk openly in the workplace and placing limits on expectations...One of the illusions people have is that putting in more hours will make them more productive. But doing that will tire you out and make you sick, and when you are sick, everything becomes more difficult.

Along with this element of addressing the problem in the open, organizations are developing mechanisms within their structures that can help to alleviate stress. Organizations provide "counselors and employee assistance programs" as well as " yoga sessions, massage therapy, and meditation classes." These have profound effects in reducing stress and avoiding burnout:  "There is also a need for deep reflection on what you are accomplishing and what needs to change [in avoiding stress and burnout.]"  Yoga and meditation can help enhance this notion of reflection.  

At the same time, organizations have to ensure that reduction of conditions that would facilitate burnout and stress on an institutional level are present.  Working in teams, ensuring that what is done can be done, and helping to cushion reflection and possible failure are all a part of this.  

In the end, organizations and employees must do their part to reflect and consider the implication of why they do what they do in order to remedy issues like stress and burnout:  "You don't necessarily throw out your core values, but look at reality and the opportunities you have to let go of old ways of doing things and reduce your stress."  It must be true that both the organization and its employees must have authentic desire to reduce stress and burnout.