What are some ways to motivate employees?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many ideas about how to motivate employees and keep them motivated.  These ideas tend to revolve around the nature of the work the employees do, the way they are treated by superiors, and the ways in which they are compensated.

Perhaps the most obvious way to keep employees motivated is to pay them well.  If employees can make a lot of money by doing their job well, they will care more and will give better effort.  The same idea can also apply to non-monetary forms of compensation such as fringe benefits.

Another way to keep employees motivated is to treat them as valued members of the firm.  This entails making sure that managers and other superiors treat employees well.  Managers need to make it clear that employee input on issues that face the firm will be welcomed.  They need to treat employees respectfully.  These sorts of actions will ensure that the workers feel that they are important to the firm.  This will help motivate them to work hard.

Finally, employees can be motivated by giving them clear responsibility for important work.  If employees feel that the work they are doing is not important to the success of the firm, they will not feel very motivated.  Similarly, if they feel that their part in the work is too minor, they will not feel “ownership” of the overall product.  By giving employees important work (and making it clear to them how the work is important), firms can keep employees motivated.

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