What are some ways to get the class involved in a presentation about Othello?

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This depends on your topic within Othello. If you are teaching the play to the class because you had literature circles then you have a lot to cover. It is a play! Make a video to summarize or act in out in 60 seconds or less for your class!

You might consider using a presentation tool like Glogster or Prezi.

Othello is well known for the literary archetypes that arise out of the play's characters. A literary archetype is a stereotypical character like a villian, hero, mentor, or damsel in distress. You might dress as these characters and bring them into the room portraying their roles in Othello. Then assign groups in the class a quick skit to act out giving them popular stories. These stories could be Shrek, Gossip Girl, Little Red Riding Hood, or any popular storyline that most kids would know. Ask the groups to play out a scene from those stories in front of the class over-exposing the literary archetypes within them. Then the class could guess the story, and identify the archetypes.

You could summarize by talking about why these literary archetypes are important to identify in literature. Make sure to express why these apply to the real world when we have to read real people in life's real situations.

Another way to get them involved would be to give them a handout they have to fill out while you present.

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