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What are some ways farmers can transition from using chemical pesticides to organic pesticides?  

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Many farmers consider transitioning from chemical (or conventional) farming to organic farming. Organic farming can be both profitable and environmentally sustainable. To become an organic farmer in the US, there is a specific set of practices that farmers must follow to receive organic certification. One thing that farmers must do as organic farmers is use only pesticides that have been approved for use on organic crops. The transition from conventional farming to organic farming takes time; a farmer can expect it to take no less than three years to make the transition from conventional to organic.  

So what are pesticides? Pesticides are chemicals that farmers apply to their crops or soil to destroy insects, fungi, and weeds. Any of these pests can severely decrease a field's crop yield. Pesticides are important to allow farms to maximize yield in any given season and remain profitable as a business.
Pesticides are widely varied in origin, mechanism, and effect. Organic farming is...

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