What are some ways F. Scott Fitzgerald shows corruption in The Great Gatsby?Any examples from the book would be great!

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slcollins eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Fitzgerald shows corruption in many ways through his characters in The Great Gatsby. Tom Buchanan is a character who displays moral corruption. He cheats on his wife (more than once) and doesn’t even try to hide it. Jordan Baker also displays moral corruption when she lies about ruining someone’s convertible; it is also alluded to that she cheated in a golf tournament. These are just a few examples of the moral corruption that Fitzgerald assigns to his rich characters. Most would agree that he is passing judgment on the rich in society. Unlawful corruption is also shown through the character of Meyer Wolfsheim. This associate of Gatsby’s was responsible for fixing the World Series in 1919 and also refers to gangsters who were killed at a nearby restaurant. These are direct references to those who thought they were above the law.   

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