What are some ways of enhancing a document with Microsoft editing tools?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I love WordArt as a way to enhance the title of a document.  I think that it's really innovative and can be a very catchy and aesthetically appealing element to Microsoft Word.  Prior to this, though, I would say that being able to understand if this is something that can be done in accordance to an assignment is going to be critical.  Some instructors frown upon "enhancement of a document, and simply want the work.  I think you should check into this before progressing with any of these tips.  In addition to WordArt, the ability to import a picture in a document is another way to support its enhancement, as well as selection of font and style, such as italics or bold.  These are all elements that can be easily accessed through "Formatting Palette."  I would also investigate font size in terms of enhancement and alignment of different elements in the document, if this is feasible.

krishna-agrawala | Student
Microsoft word application editing tools include facilities such as undo, redo, find replace, copy and paste. These tools perform two major functions. One is to detect and correct spelling and other errors in the document, and the other is to improve the contents of a document by making changes in it such as adding text, deleting text, and shifting the sequence of part of the contents. The find and replace facility may be used to locate particular words and phrases used anywhere in the document, and if necessary change them. The undo facility is something like the use of eraser in a document written in pencil. It enables reversal of some actions such as cut and paste taken by mistake. The redo function is a correction of the undo function. Cut, copy, and past functions are used to make changes in the contents of the documents by inserting contents at various places in the document which have been cut or copied from other location in same or other documents.