What are some ways the colonists were not justified in rebelling against British rule?

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There were reasons to support why the colonists weren’t justified in rebelling against the rule of the British. One reason is that the British established these colonies, and they had the right to govern the colonies as they saw fit. The purpose of establishing colonies is for the colonizing country to benefit.

It is also reasonable to argue that the colonists did benefit from the rule of the British. The colonists had some self-government, and the British provided the colonists with many significant things. The British protected the colonists against attack. The British also helped to provide for an orderly society with their rule. Some people felt it wasn’t unreasonable for the colonists to share some of the costs associated with the benefits they received from being a part of the British Empire.

Some people felt they couldn’t support breaking away from Great Britain because this would be an action against the Church of England. The King of England was the head of the Anglican...

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