What are some of the vocabulary words for When the Legends Die?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Advanced Placement Strategies, Inc., licensed by Laying the Foundation has made a PDF file written by Hal Borland, the author of the novel, available online that lists the following words, and many more, from When the Legends Die as SAT level vocabulary words. I provide the definitions using Random House Dictionary/Dictionary.com as a source.

Acrid -adj. (synonyms: caustic, mordant, scathing). Acrid means something that is sharp, biting, stinging, bitter either verbally or to the taste.

Deprecate -verb. (synonyms: derogate, discountenance). Deprecate means to disapprove of; protest against; to belittle.

Fractious -adj. (synonyms: intractable, mean, ornery, peevish). Fractious means unruly; easily angered; irritable; quarrelsome.

Gaunt -adj, (synonyms: lank, lean, rawboned, spare anorexic). Gaunt means for a person to be thin, bony, haggard and drawn as resulting from hunger, torture, emaciation; and for a thing to be bleak, desolate, grim, like a desert landscape.

Solicitous -adj. (apprehensive, ardent, attentive, avid). Solicitous means to be anxious or overly careful or particular and anxiously concerned.  

Vivid -adj. (synonyms: graphic, brilliant, colorful, glowing). Vivid means bright; intense; full of liveliness; spirited; strongly distinct; strikingly clear.