What are some types of imperialism?

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There are different kinds of imperialism. One kind of imperialism is economic imperialism. Economic imperialism is when a country takes over another country so it can benefit economically. Great Britain wanted to have colonies so it could get resources for its factories. They could get these resources cheaper by getting them from their colonies rather than by buying them from other countries. Great Britain also would get to sell the products from its factories in the colonies. Great Britain would benefit economically from this arrangement.

Another kind of imperialism is political imperialism. Political imperialism is when a country controls the political system of other countries. This allows the imperial power to expand its control around the world. The British had colonies in North America and controlled the political system of the colonies. They also had colonies in other parts of the world. By controlling these places, Great Britain could establish military bases throughout the world. These bases enabled the British military to protect and defend the lands they controlled. By controlling different colonies around the world, Great Britain was viewed as a world power.

The third type of imperialism is cultural imperialism. Cultural imperialism is when a country controls another country to spread what it believes is a superior way of life. The imperial power views the places it is controlling as needing guidance in developing an educational system, in improving the medical practices of the people, and in showing the people how to lead productive lives. At times, cultural imperialism involves the spreading of a religion, often Christianity, through the work of missionaries. The imperial power believes it can help people around the world by spreading its way of life, its religion, and its way of doing various activities.

There are several different kinds of imperialism. Cultural, political, and economic imperialism have existed in many places throughout the world.

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