What are some types of communicators and what are some communication tools?This is for year 10 PLP.

gopikrishna | Student

Email – Email is probably the simplest of communication tools. It is the lowest level of interruption. The person receiving the email can choose to read it whenever he or she has a moment. It can usually be collected from multiple touch points and devices, and there are many ways to handle it. It can be any length (though I prefer brevity). Tweet – Twitter is a great service for communicating, provided the other person is around and not flooded by other tweets that might push your message off the screen and downstream. SMS/Text Messaging – Texts are a good way to reach someone for fast, important information gathering. They are also disruptive in that they loudly push for an interruption of what’s going on in the other person’s life. They are far more intrusive than an email or a tweet. Used properly, texts are a great tool for managing Phone Call – Phones have been around forever, but the way we use them has changed a great deal. How often do we reach someone’s voicemail instead of them? (If you call me, VERY often.) Phones force a one-on-one interaction, and are very disruptive. They also require the most focused of attention.