What are some tribe names and there tradtions and how they keep them without modern customs?

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BY tribes I am under the assumption that you are referring to Native Americans. 

The Nez Perce Indians or the Nimipu (meaning the people) are a tribe of Native Americans.  They were a tribe that provided food and support to Louis and Clark when they explored the west.  They are known for their nose piercing and their brave chief.  Their culture was one primarily that consisted of fishing, hunting, and gathering.  One way in which the tribe has been able to maintain its culture has been to seek support from the government.  Through self-advocacy and litigation the tries were able to gain funds to allow for the purchase of land that included fishing sanctuaries.  This allowed them to keep occupations such as fishing and farming.  Their language has been preserved by anthropologists, but has been pretty much lost to the tribe as a used language. 


The Hopi Indian Tribe, a group of Native Americans who live primarily in the area of Arizona, has continued to maintain cultural origins through art, music, and dance.  The Hopi nation has yearly gatherings some of which include non-tribe members and events that are for tribal members only.   They continue to practice traditional ceremonies although many members have been impacted by Christianity.  A doll commonly known as a cultural representative is the Kachina Doll. 


The Navajo Nation, primarily from the Southwest region, was and is still known for the basket making skills.  Modern tribal artisans continue to create baskets and works of art which are sold through the markets.

In late September/Early October, Yei Bei Chei dances are held.  Tourists are welcomed on the reservation for some of the dances but the religious ceremonies are open to only tribe’s people.  The Navajo have maintained economic means through the ownership and operation of gambling casinos.  However, they have used additional funds to purchase increased amounts of land which they use to conserve their heritage of fishing and hunting. 

For all tribes it has been difficult to mainatin their culture in modern times.  Like Europeans and other groups who have come to America, societal influences and capitolism have had a significant impact on the cultural remains.  Native Americans were also denied many of their customs by law for many years and their children were formerly removed from their homes.  The children lost the use of the native language and many forgot the cermonies and customs. 

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