What are some tribe names and their traditions, and how do they keep their traditions without modern customs?

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marbar57 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you're referring to Native American Indians in the United States, there are over 500 federally recognized tribes in existence today.  At one time, there were over 2,000 in existence, but they've either been assimilated into our society or other tribes, or have died out through the years.

Some of the more recognizable tribes that haven't changed much over the years are the Navaho, Cherokee, Choctaw, Sioux, Apache, Blackfoot, Iroquois, and Ute. 

It would be difficult in this tiny space to describe the many traditions and customs practiced by these tribes, as each of them have developed their characteristics and beliefs for hundreds, perhaps thousand of years.  Suffice it to say they have all believed in a Great Spirit, have all had a high regard for courage and honor, have all had strong family values and ties, have worshipped different animals to some extent, and have lived off the land and were in tune with nature. 

Indians are firm believers in their traditions and customs and pass them on to their posterity.  Because of this, and because most of them today live on reservations and are apart from mainstream society, they've been able to preserve much of their customs, language, ideals, traditional dress, and history. 

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