What are some traps used in the hunt?

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As Rainsford tries to allude the expert hunter Zaroff, he must use every trick he knows. He starts off running in desperation, but then he gets his wits back and decides to "play the fox" and give Zaroff a seemingly impossible trail to follow. Zaroff, naturally follows the trail with ease and lets Rainsford go for another day of good "sport". Rainsford then creates traps for Zaroff using his surroundings. He creates the Malay Mancatcher and wounds Zaroff on the shoulder as "the dead tree, delicately adjusted to rest on the cut living one, crashed down and struck the general a glancing blow". He also creates the Burmese Tiger Pit where he planted stakes in the bottom of a pit with the points facing up. He also creates a trap that kills Ivan. It involved "a springy young sapling and to it he fastened his hunting knife". This is used to spring up and kill the victim. Unfortunately, it kills Ivan and not Zaroff.

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