What are some traits in Julie of the Wolves, part 1?  

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As a character in part one ("Amaroq, the Wolf"), Julie exhibits the character traits of determination, patience, and brotherhood.

First, Julie exhibits determination.  Even though Julie is lost on the Alaskan tundra with winter approaching, Julie is determined to live.  She builds a sod hut for shelter and immediately begins relying on her wits in order to find food.  Seeds and grasses, however, are not enough.  Julie, again, is determined to find more sustenance.  It is at this point that Julie finds the wolf pack and begins to exhibit the next character trait of patience.

In her observation of the wolf pack, Julie must be very patient.  Of course, the wolves are not of Julie's same species, so it takes time to learn the subtle nuances of their behaviors.  Julie simply hides, for days and days, watching wolf ear-movement and other postures.  Through this patience, Julie learns that flattened ears mean friendship while pointed ears mean aggression. Julie patiently learns to use her hands as wolf ears.  It is also patience that allows Julie to determine the structure of the wolf pack.  There is a leader, a wife, a second, an outsider, and pups.  Julie, through her patience, decides to become a "pup."  Julie finally is brave enough to go belly-up in submission to Amaroq and becomes part of the pack which introduces Julie to her last trait of brotherhood.

In conclusion, we cannot neglect the character trait of brotherhood.  Julie becomes part of the pack, first accepting regurgitated food for sustenance and eventually accepting raw meat at the end of a kill.  Julie eventually returns the many favors by nursing Kapu back to health after he is shot by  hunters.  Through it all, Julie remembers her father's advice:

Wolves are brotherly. ... They love each other, and if you learn to speak to them, they will love you too.


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