What are some traits of both Sheila Mant and the narrator in W. D. Wetherell's short story "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant"?

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Sheila Mant is a seventeen-year-old girl who the narrator desperately wants to impress. They don't seem to have anything in common, though. In fact, they share starkly opposing personality traits.

While Sheila is indolent and pleasure-seeking, the narrator is full of energy and vigor. We see how sluggishly she spends her days, sunbathing without much activity. Even when she is in the field playing baseball, she is lacking in zest and absolutely unwilling to actively participate in the game. When the narrator asks her to move closer, she replies:

“I’m playing outfield . . . I don’t like the responsibility of having a base.”

And, when the ball is hit over the left-fielder’s head, she simply stands and watches it “disappear toward the river.”

This shows she’s not just lazy but also irresponsible and lax. She is one of those people who would revel in their team’s victory but wouldn’t put any effort into making it win the game. So, she is a person who can’t be banked on.

While she...

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