What are some tourist destinations in New Mexico??

This is all about Route 66 also known as The Mother Road.

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Route 66 traverses just over six hundred miles of New Mexico, and there are numerous tourist destinations on this stretch of the "The Mother Road".'

One thing that should be explored during a trek across New Mexico is the fusion of Native American and Spanish cultures.  This can be seen at practically every stop along the highway in New Mexico. The trip itself is a voyage down memory lane as New Mexico has one of the largest collections of neon and "antique" signage.  Much of the roadside stops are working museums offering a glimpse into the past. 

Santa Fe and Albuquerque are modern cities offering all the draws of any large city with fantastic dining, sporting events, museums, music, and cultural activities.  Casino gambling is also offered on Native American lands in the area.

For the sporting enthusiast there are several world class ski areas in the area, national forests full of hiking and camping opportunities, and great hunting and fishing.


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